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Why Barrel Proof?

Barrel proof or cask proof is a term used by whiskey makers indicating the spirit was proofed fresh from the cask, not watered down to make it a particular proof. The proof can vary so distillers often indicate it on a separate label from the one on the front of the bottle.

I chose this term as the name of my publishing company because I do not dilute my words. Just as barrel proof bourbon is the true spirit, I endeavor to be true to my spirit and the story. There are times I do not take the reader into the darkest murk of my imagination to spare them utterly horrible images. The true horror of the circumstances is implied and I let the reader decide how far into the depths they wish to delve. When writing about perversion, especially sexual perversion, I am always conscious that I could be feeding a fetish and that is never my desire or intent. In those instances, I endeavor to take the reader to the brink without sliding into gross aberration. As the eye can’t discern that a closet at midnight is brighter than a closed coffin, neither will the reader notice that I have not forced them into the deepest crevices of my soul.

Should readers ask for more detail, I will oblige in later editions, but to date, the requests have favored the light not the darkness.

Kimberly BylesComment