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Rising Crow

     It's said of Jim Morgan, he can kill you before you can blink and won't blink as he does it. Called Thunder Crow by the Apache, like the thunder, men fear and respect him. As thunder portends the storm, the report of Jim's rifle heralds another outlaw lying dead in the dust. 

     Sentenced to hang at fifteen for a murder he didn't commit, he sits on the makeshift bed in his jail cell and thinks. He realizes he wants meaning to his life, and doesn't waste time lamenting that the next day, March 15, 1870, may be his last on earth. All he wants now is a chance to live and prove that his existence isn't some joke or folly of fate. 

     Never having known kindness, Jim unflinchingly faces bullets and torture, but cringes at a gentle touch. He ferociously hides parts of himself and his past to avoid the condemnation and gasps, should those around him learn the secrets of his origin, or view the scars he would rather die than reveal. To Jim, everything comes at a cost, but what he doesn't realize is he's the one setting the price. 

     Rising Crow is the first in a series, so come along and enjoy the ride!


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