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Barrel Proof Press


The purpose of Barrel Proof Press, LLC is to provide an imprint for K. L. Byles, and thereby market all novels written by K. L. Byles. In addition, K. L. Byles will consider using Barrel Proof Press, LLC to publish works by other authors should others want to use Barrel Proof Press, LLC as their publisher.

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K.L. Byles

President of Barrel Proof Press LLC/ Author of Rising Crow

K. L. Byles is author of the Reader’s Favorite five-star rated novel, Rising Crow. She lives in an old stone house in Bedford County, VA with her husband, son, and large white boxer, Matty. K. L.’s daughter is married, and three days a week the author has the great pleasure of caring for her grandson. She spends the rest of her time working out or walking on the treadmill at the gym, trying to get fit which is not easy at her age, and writing whenever she can. She enjoys helping and encouraging other authors and writers and considers writing a craft that one never truly masters.





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